What we do

We produce and sell biochar.

Biochar is a phenomenal substance. That is why we would approach a small-scale gardener as well as a major project landscaper. We’re delivering any amount of our biochar to anywhere in Czechia.

We collaborate.

From academia and science institutes, technology companies and project engineers to landscapers. It’s imperative we keep learning for the findings about biochar shift forward as quick as the ice caps melt.

We educate.

We edit and post blog content, a blog we wanted to keep up on but never found anywhere. Until when we’d decided to write it ourselves. We give lectures, hold seminars and run workshops. And we love it. 

*Blog content isn’t available in English at the moment.

Who we do it for

Agronomists and gardeners

Soil is much like friendship. Whatever you put in it will return to you manyfold times  more. Nurture your soil with our biochar. Soil health leads to its improved conditions for life, better nutrient and water management within the soil, and subsequent financial perks.Let us discover together how can composting and animal farming benefit from the use of biochar.

Municipalities and cities

Biochar belongs with the city as much as gelato and buskers. We’re here to assist you in using biochar for your streets - landscaping, planting and city park designing projects, drainage and rainfall water systems, filtration and so on.

Companies and projects

Are you building with biochar? We’re aware that concise information sources concerning biochar as well as reliable producers thereof are hard to come by. Allow us to take you through the entire process of selecting the right kind of biochar or mixture of loam and deliver biochar to your doorstep.

Biochar shop for everyone.

Everything you need in one place.

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