About us

Who are we?

We’re a band of people who operate something that can’t really be operated. And this something is an ethical business. We’ve founded a business that challenges real problems, offers genuine solutions and, subsequently, sparks joy that stems from this. In order to appreciate the scope and fully engage ourselves in this area of our interest, we appreciate getting paid accordingly.

Cirkus C has no match. We encourage everybody who wishes to apply themselves in standing up for the climate, whether make their own biochar, draw comics to raise awareness, work on an art exhibition or do a podcast, make fashion or cosmetics, whatever the field, go for it and let us join forces. It’s going to be one fairdinkum circus, trust.


We started Cirkus C for a simple reason: there didn’t seem to be as much biochar as the Czech land required. Besides, we saw a need for pyrolysis technology, a more sophisticated way to make biochar than a hole in the ground and less costly than a high-tech pyrolysis reactor hall.  Plainly put, something for common farmers who can make biochar by themselves and to whom is its availability for their work imperative.


For making biochar, it’s in our own interest to use biomass that would otherwise go to waste and incentivise others to do the same. Meanwhile, we strive to use the residual heat that is generated during pyrolysis to increase the carbon offset of our work. We began using wind-scattered old orchard wood to make biochar, and we’re sticking with it.

We’re aware of the fact that our land brims with biomass that can be made into biochar and stored underground - hence the considerable decrease of greenhouse gases in our planet’s atmosphere and considerably improved conditions of our soils to retain moisture and boost fertility.

Really? A circus?

What we like to do is season this all with humour as the alternative is quite the opposite: seeing the truth about our planet's crises without a light-hearted perspective would soon render us unable to get up in the morning, we’re afraid. Circus is also a community, a place where people strive to revoke the carbon curse and go back to the healthy normal in order to see our civilization live the way it’s used to.

Our sense of humour is now and then a little too incensed, just like a freshly charred biochar, and oftentimes as black.

Why Cirkus C?

A circus represents a ring or a circle. First and foremost on our agenda is to re-establish balance of life in soil, by extent the land, and to restabilise the circle of carbon dioxide to its natural state.

Life on Earth would hardly end with our having annihilated all the forests and drenched the planet off of its oil, gas and coal. The problem is we’d have a horrible time of it, providing we lived through it at all. We love the world we live in. And that’s why we do what we do.

We create this circus - a steady ring of communities comprising everyone from biochar-producers to biochar-users, agronomists, farmers, gardeners, landscapers, project engineers, builders, foresters, scientists, … And it’s a circus.

It feels like all of these things mashed together: riding a freaked-out horse, a good cause, balancing the tight-rope walk between the books and the taxes, juggling the balls of conference presentation and social content, and drawing the newest scientific discoveries from the magic hat of endless human curiosity.

Who makes up the Circus C team?



I was once asked what it was that got me going at work. Couldn’t come up with an answer back then but now I know. And it’s because back then I hadn’t been making biochar at Circus C.

I’m a project engineer with a permit to work on water building constructions and landscaping, a scout, a non-professional actor at Verdis, a community theatre, and have occasional wanderlust inclinations.

I’m a violin busker, dad to three, builder and amateur photographer.



Together with volunteers we revive time-worn spots around the Porta Coeli convent, particularly its old orchards. In orchards, I became a biochar-maker.

Beside biochar and the diversity of bygone kinds of fruit, I find myself fascinated by the sheer power people manifest when unified to change the world.

I’m eager to join in and change the world for the better, starting where I’m home - around the Tisnov region in Czechia.


Photography, PR, socials 

She’s the enlightened soul of our circus. She’s in charge of promotions and advertising and it’s she who holds the whole allegorical endeavour together for all of us. She handles all footage and record making, our eshop and web designs and ensures accuracy of the texts therein.

We love her for one very particular thing too: she bullies us into meeting deadlines.


Goddess of multi-tasking

Can do attitude to all of it. She’s studied tropical forestry and is happy to apply her knowledge and offer expertise from anything from Ethiopia to Oceania, from the Balkan countries to Normandy. She’s versed in synergetic farming of permaculture, ornithology, an excellent photographer, does rock-climbing and is into music.

Always excited to make some biochar. The most multi-talented human ever.