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Despite conventional agriculture putting food on our tables, it renders the soil malnourished. Biochar is a natural substance. Owing to its high porosity, it retains a great amount of water, manages the presence of fertilisers and enhances the conditions for life in the soil. Poor soil will undoubtedly benefit from biochar use, moreover, its organic origin has secured the organic crop production associations’ nod of approval. What’s more, with biochar use we store carbon. Win-win.

Even though biochar has been known to humankind for thousands of years, now that the planet suffers extreme weather changeability due to climate change, more agronomists take to using it.In addition to the superior quality biochar, we offer enhanced formulas, consultation services,

biochar production technologies and advisory care for self-sufficient biochar makers. Let us find a way for you to benefit from our biochar.

Architecture and urbanism

Biochar is the key element to a modern city that is designed to bloom by virtue of the famed blue-green framework. With knowledge of the blue-green concept at our disposal, we’re happy to stand by municipalities and project engineers in advisory capacity. Cirkus C supplies a suitable kind of biochar to be used in your landscaping loam, for tree and perennials planting and sustainable drainage systems.

Whether it be green parking lots, vertical gardens or living roof systems, at Cirkus C we know which kind of biochar is suitable. 

If you want our biochar for your blue-green, let us know.


Biochar is used by a considerable number of industries as their raw material. Cirkus C has been cosmetic-tested successfully. We manufacture pigments or concrete additive mixtures. Our carbon can serve as an ingredient in CO2-neutral plastics, desiccants, purifiers or filters. Biochar is deployed in metallurgy or semiconductor fabrication. The real wonder of biochar is its natural ability to eliminate singularly old ecological contamination. What mining companies, factories or the army break their back over is straightforwardly soluble by biochar. Is this even possible?

Absolutely yes. Call us, we’ll reach out and find the solution together.

Carbon neutrality

Biochar is the way to accomplish carbon neutrality. Every kilogram of stored biochar means 2,7 kg of carbon dioxide off your footprint bill. The greenhouse CO2 in the air that’s harmful to us goes in the soil where it improves conditions for life. And here’s how we amass highly valued carbon credits fully tradable all around the globe. The benefits of carbon capture and storage through biochar are recognised not only by us, but more importantly by IPCC scientists. Carbon neutrality services will soon pilot at Cirkus C.

Reach out with any queries right away.

Expert consultations

We’re aware of how impractical accessing information concerning biochar may be. The more general findings become public knowledge here. But specific projects require a customised approach. Please do reach out with any queries at all. Cirkus C is a member of V4 Biochar Platform. We keep attuned to international and global biochar community and discoveries, which we then bring back to Czechia. On the Cirkus C team, there are individuals who are certified water management specialists, project engineers, garden designers and landscape architects, horticulturalists and landscapers. We specialise in biochar but also the landscape, climate change and even arts. We appreciate the fact that the most noteworthy results come about when different fields intertwine.

The introductory consultation session is free of charge

because the objective is invaluable. See for yourself.

Lectures and workshops

At Cirkus C we love to share our biochar expertise and knowledge we’ve so far amassed. We’re happy to deliver an hour-long lecture at a public library, hold engaging lectures at schools, deliver a note at a conference, or even run a whole-day workshop. We have a penchant for presentation at seasonal town or city events. We offer complexity of our expertise. We interweave relevant fields. We enjoy asking thought-provoking questions.

Do you have any ideas you’d like us to be part of?

Call us. We’re sure to come up with something. Or perhaps not.

Technology and innovation

The sole production of biochar has been known to humans for over a thousand years. What we do at Circus C is adjust the production process to meet the needs of the 21st century. Pyrolysis technology development is an integral part of what we work on, therefore it has to be comprehensively workable in a modern city environment. And so it is. Furthermore, we are dedicated to finding the best strategies to reduce emissions, deploy residual heat and rise to other technological challenges. We collaborate with universities and offer internships. We broadcast newest academic research, monitor trends and innovations on a global scale.

In case of our biochar production, we utilise so called slow pyrolysis during the process of which we have a comprehensive monitoring advantage. This enables us to fabricate biochar featuring specific end-product qualities, such as cosmetic industry or lab work. Do you have a project of your own that demands custom-made biochar?

Harness the biochar power with us.